it’s so much easier saying “i love you” to your friends 

no one is “tied” down

friendships aren’t as fragile as relationships

b/c they have genuine foundation

friendships don’t rely on the partners’ “feelings” towards one another that may or may not be ephemeral

you know, that fact that he marched contra in the Blue Devils and he’s in the Army makes everything 500x hotter. 

and his beard. don’t let me get started on his beard. 

and his broad shoulders and strong arms. holy Jesus help.

Sailor Moon has always stuck with me…I love everything about it! The costumes are so coooool and pretttty!

I made a vow to myself that once I have enough money I will purchase all the Sailor Moon DVDs and movies so I will finally be able to enjoy them all muhahaha

and Vanguard auditions!

I can’t reach a G…are you kidding me…

SIGH! Now that I finally have time (5 days before school starts) I’ll have some time to get my chops going………..right?

The transition from mellophone to trumpet is the most awkward thing I’ve felt since I hit puberty

Thanks drum corps
Thanks for reminding me what puberty felt like